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Progress update

Roof done, mold remediation under way at Sumner School in March, 2022.

Funnel Cakes

Check out Marcus Hinkle perfecting his funnel cake recipe for a fund raising event in April, 2022.


Impact Activity Center is offering school tutoring this spring in Boonville, Missouri on Saturdays from 8 am to noon.  Check out the video above.

Get a Tax Credit for donating to Impace

Thinking about giving to Impact Activity Center and Sumner School in Boonville, Missouri?  If you are a Missouri business, you can get a 70% tax credit for every dollar you donate.  Find out more in this video.

Updates from Impact

A big grant and tax credits in 2021

Tour Sumner School

Check out the facility with Daniel Bruce

Bringing us together

at Impact Activity Center

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Impact Activity Center Cares

about Boonville, Missouri

Live from Junior League Tournament

Impact Concession Stand, July 17, 2021

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Where are we?

Impact Activity Center is located at 1111 Rural Street in Boonville, Missouri. 

(Katy rail bridge at Boonville)